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Sunday, 27 September 2015

LFW SS16 Beauty Roundup

Blue is Back - 

Photo Credit 1 - - Mary Katrantzou - Make up by Lucia Pieroni.
Photo Credit 2 - Indigital- Jonathan Saunders
Photo Credit 3 - - Marc Jacobs - Make up by Francois Nars 

 Pop of colour under the eyes -

Photo Credit 1 - - Derek Lam 
Photo Credit 2 - The Upcoming - Wilson PK - Make Up (left model) by me, assisting Anne-Marie Lawson for AOFM.
Photo Credit 3 - Deux Hommes Mag - Minki Cheng - Make Up (left model) by me, assisting Sasha O'neill for AOFM. 

Bold Lips -

Photo Credit 1 - LFW, Burberry
Photo Credit 2 - LFW. Anya Hindmarch 

SS16 Beauty Roundup - It's all about the colours. Whether you're wearing it on the eyes, under the eyes or on the lips. SS16 make up is about the statement, and I love it! The skin is as always flawless, but now with the influence of strobing it's all about the dewy, fresh flawless skin. I've noticed that the cheeks take a back seat so I recommend opting for a subtle peachy colour. Brows are natural but defined, and of course brushed up for natural lift to the face. Then this is the fun part, you either go lips or eyes. Lips are deep ox blood tones if paired with a natural eye. If you're opting for a bright pop of colour (hello blue) then opt for a nude lip. The eyes are fun in SS16 with colour concentrated under the lower lash line for a pop of intensity. Make it wearable by opting for soft yellow tones, or make a statement with turquoise or coral. 

What are your thoughts on SS16? 

Monday, 11 May 2015


Top - New Look. Jeans - Topshop. Shoes - Primark. Sunglasses - Rayban. Watch - Daniel Wellington.

You can watch my latest fashion video over on my channel, where I style my Topshop jeans in 3 different ways, perfect for Spring. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Birthday Wishlist 2015

So here's my little birthday wishlist, I can't believe my birthday is so soon, and that a year has already passed.

1. Real techniques Bold Metals collection is absolutely gorgeous, if I could have one of each that would be great? 
2. Chanel Les Beiges #20 this is my favourite setting powder, and who doesn't love a Chanel compact. 
3. Escentric Molecules is one of my favourite fragrances, and it is such good value for money. 
4. Topshop dress, I thought this dress would be super cute for summer, styled with converses / sandals. 
5. Bobbi's Browns Palette is the perfect quad of colours, and even better they are my favourite shades from Bobbi. 
6. Muji storage, just because my collection is ever expanding. 
7. Deep Sleep Pillow Talk, because we all need our beauty sleep. 
8. Chanel Eau Tendre, again another firm fragrance favourite. 
9. Warehouse Dress, how cute is this dress? I have two weddings in the Summer, and this dress looks perfect! 


Wednesday, 6 May 2015



Thursday, 19 February 2015

Review - Hyalual WOW Mask

Skincare is definitely something that interests me and I absolutely love trying new products and learning about different brands in particular learning about how different ingredients can affect the skin. 

Recently I was given the opportunity to try a Hyalual WOW Mask (link) rrp. £99.99 for 5. 

My skin suffers from irritation and is normally quite dehydrated so I was excited to try a product that claims to give 200% more hydration than other collagen-based moisturising and provides deep skin hydration. 

After cleansing my skin I began to take the mask out of the packet, I'm used to standard cream based masks and have previously used sheet masks (Shu Uemura being a firm favourite) so I found the application of this particular mask to be slightly tricky. I guess because I wasn't used to a gel based mask. But once it was on, it took less than a minute to settle in place and I was able to relax for around 30 minutes (they recommend a max. of 40 mins) The only side note I can make is that I have a relatively small face and found the mask to be quite large in comparison (I guess that's great if you have a slightly larger head, but did mean I had to fold the mask around the edges) 

After half an hour I really didn't want to take the mask off, my skin felt so comfortable and hydrated. A feeling when you suffer from dehydration is rare. I was excited to see the results, unlike a conventional mask it was easy to remove, and dispose of. Sometimes I get so frustrated attempting to remove a mask I avoid doing them, but I found the WOW mask to be simple. 

Once removed my skin felt great! Really hydrated, blemishes & redness seemed to have calmed down, and my face felt super smooth. I was really impressed with the results. 

I would say this mask would be perfect for women / men who are concerned with ageing, as it certainly helps to plump and smooth any fine dry lines in the skin. I can imagine if used regularly would really benefit the skin. Of course the price tag is steep, and in comparison to others I have tried I feel I had similar instant results. It may be that this particular mask is great for the long term benefits. I would definitely love to use these masks again, because they really do feel luxurious. 

Have you tried WOW Masks before? What are you favourite face masks? 


Thursday, 22 January 2015

Lush Haul & Review

About a month or so ago I took a trip to my local Lush store (Cardiff Queen Street to be precise), I originally went in on the hunt for a product similar to my beloved Baby face, for those of you who have read my blog / watched my YouTube videos from the early days will know I used to be obsessed with Lush' baby face cleanser. It was a hard round soap that was just beautiful. But like all good products it was discontinued. Oh the shame. 

I spoke to a very lovely girl called Anna, who although was not aware of baby face, ensured she got to grips with what it was like, which made me extremely happy. She spoke to her colleague who suggested I tried Ultrabland. A cleanser which is ultra bland. See what I did there. Anna took me upstairs to what I believe is the skin care section of the store, she sat me down and talked me through the products, and explained why it would work for me. She also asked about the rest of my routine and really understood my love for baby face, mainly because of the texture, it was almost oily and melted between your palms similar to their massage bars. So Anna suggested Full of Grace. Full of Grace is a blend of oils, which really does melt into the skin. I also added in Cinders bath bomb into my basket, and it is most definitely my favourite of their christmas scents. It's so warm & lovely. 

So what are my thoughts ... 

I've been using the Cleanser & Serum for well over a month now, and I absolutely love them both. 

Firstly the Ultrabland cleanser is perfect, it removes all of my make up and leaves my skin feeling incredibly fresh and nourished. It's really gentle and a product I've really enjoyed using, so much so I've already repurchased another. 

The Full of Grace Serum is beautiful, a really indulgent treat for night time, it really warms to the skin, and calms down any irritation that I may have. 

Cinders bath bomb is my go to relaxing bath treat, I love it so much I've stocked up on a couple more, just because I know soon it will be no more as we move away from the festive season. But I love it, it makes me feel like I'm sat next to an open fire, and as the popping candy pops away it reminds me of a crackling fire. Absolutely love! 

I must also say the girls at Lush in Cardiff are absolutely wonderful, whenever I pop in whether it's for myself or for a gift they are all so extremely helpful & knowledgable it really makes a big difference to my shopping experience, so thank you guys! 


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Coffee with Currys - Event

A few weekends ago I was invited to an event held by Currys called #coffeewithcurrys. It was held at one of the most beautiful tea rooms in Cardiff - Waterloo Tea (all the staff were really hot cool & friendly) and definitely a place I would recommend visiting, especially if you are a big tea drinker ... but I went to drink coffee, and that we did ... 

The event itself was split into various stations, and each station taught us something new about coffee. When we arrived we were given a coffee mocktail prepared by James which we would later learn how to make ourselves ... 

Station 1 - 'Cupping' Coffee

So station #1 was with Nick, and it was all about blind tasting coffee, it involved a lot of slurping and black coffee. But the aim was to see if we could taste different blends & flavours. Nick chose me to compete in the final 'cupping' competition, I still giggle at this as I was honestly awful at it, but I must've been good at slurping ha! 

Station 2 - Alcohol!

Station #2 was about cocktails, something I absolutely adore drinking & making. James was previously a cocktail barman in Oxford and even made cocktails for Lady Gaga, but he now manages Waterloo Tea. He showed us various tips & techniques and made several different cocktails, including an Orange coffee martini, toblerone cocktail and a Raspberry Iced mocha mocktail.

Station 3 - Coffee Machines 

Station #3 was all about Nespresso and their different types of coffee machines & coffee. We were lucky to meet Freddie, Sonya & Alisha from Nespresso who were all so lovely and helpful. They spoke to us about the coffee beans used in their capsules, it takes 60 coffee beans to make one capsule. They explained to us how each capsule is 100% aluminium which make them 100% recyclable, and nespresso will even send you a recycling bag and collect your recycling for you. 

The coffee itself is from 8 different countries and throughout the year they bring out different flavours, the flavours themselves are all natural, and they're an added aroma, which creates a subtle hint of flavour. 

The level of service from Nespresso is impeccable, as soon as you own a machine you are eligible to join their members club, where you can call to order 24/7 even 2am on christmas day apparently. 

My favourite product from the range was the Aeroccino, I have always dreamed of having frothy milk at home for coffee, hot chocolates and milkshakes, just imagine! And now you can with one of these, they work to create both hot & cold milk. I honestly haven't stopped talking about it to my boyfriend, I've even added it to my christmas list! Ha! (pretty please) 

Station 4 - Food / Station 5 - Latte Art 

Station #4 was a food break, it was all so yummy and I wish I had taken photos but I was so hungry I needed to soak up all the alcohol coffee. I would definitely recommend heading to Waterloo tea for breakfast/brunch/lunch/afternoon tea. 

Station #5 was the one station I was most excited about, latte art! I've always wanted to be a pro at this, and have definitely envisaged owning my own coffee shop at some point. But I think that dreams out the window when you see my result! However Waterloo tea also do latte art courses, perhaps another christmas present option? 

I just want to say a big thank you to Shaun from Joe's blog and of course Nespresso (link) & Curry's (link) and of course everyone from Waterloo Tea. I had such a lovely day, and enjoyed meeting all of the lovely bloggers! 

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